Straterra is the collective voice for the New Zealand minerals sector.

An important part of what we do is to transmit the views of our industry to public officials, that often means re-framing ideas into the language of government policy.

Straterra’s Charter or code of ethics explains the principles we stand for, and how people may expect to engage with us.

Our membership cover minerals producers, explorers, researchers, engineering and geotechnical firms, equipment suppliers, and providers of ancillary services, e.g., legal, financial, environmental.


Straterra is the collective voice for the NZ minerals and mining sector, from small firms to large enterprises.

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Straterra hosts a number of events every year, and supports events held by other industry organisations.

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New Zealand will prosper from a well-resourced, professional mineral industry, underpinned by collaboration and support at government level, and broad public support.

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