New Zealand will prosper from a well-resourced, professional mineral industry, underpinned by collaboration and support at government level, and broad public support.

Straterra offers a collective voice for the New Zealand mineral sector. Members include large and small producers, exploration companies, equipment suppliers, research institutions, engineering firms, mining professionals, and firms providing legal, accounting and other ancillary services. 

Our goals, as a sector, are to be recognised as a responsible and significant contributor to the NZ economy, NZ mining, the NZ Brand and to the environmental and social values of all New Zealanders.

We do this by participating in public policy processes; engaging with officials, politicians, stakeholders, industry, and the public; and advocating for the sector, at events and forums, and via the media.

Equally important is our drive to raise standards across the industry in H&S, in how we manage and mitigate the impact our activities have on the environment, and the standards our operations maintain. These standards are set out in our Charter.

Membership brochure Oct 2020 cover

Straterra places importance on a collaborative, reasonable, and responsible approach to engagement with government and the public on resource sector issues.  

Help us deliver this vision and join our network. The stronger our membership, the better resourced Straterra will be to meet our goals. 

We welcome all enquiries, please see our membership brochure for more information or contact our Business Manager, Sarah Walker. Help us deliver this vision and join our network.