A healthy membership representing the entire industry.

Straterra’s membership includes large and small producers, exploration companies, equipment suppliers, research institutions, engineering firms, mining professionals, and firms providing legal, accounting and other ancillary services.

Aggregate and Quarry Association www.aqa.org.nz

Anderson Lloyd www.andersonlloyd.co.nz

Bathurst Resources www.bathurstresources.com

Beca www.beca.com

Birchfield Coal https://www.birchfieldcoal.co.nz/

Deloitte www.deloitte.co.nz

Dowgold Consultants www.dowgold.com

EPIROC https://www.epiroc.com/en-nz

Federation Mining - https://www.federationmining.com.au/

George Hooper   

GHD New Zealand http://www.ghd.co.nz/new-zealand/

Greenbriar Ltd 

Greenwood Roche  www.greenwoodroche.com

Greymouth Petroleum

Hail Environmental

Heaphy Mining https://heaphymining.co.nz/

Heavy Engineering Research Association www.hera.org.nz

Imerys Tableware NZ www.imerys.com

Kai Point Coal https://www.kaipointcoal.co.nz/

KPMG www.kpmg.co.nz

McCracken Consulting Ltd


Minerals West Coast www.mineralswestcoast.co.nz

Moore Mining https://rosco.net.nz/coal/

Natural Resources Law Ltd https://www.naturalresourceslaw.co.nz/

New Talisman Gold www.newtalismangoldmines.co.nz

New Zealand Coal & Carbon https://nzcoal.com/

NZIMMR https://www.nzimmr.co.nz/

OceanaGold Corporation www.oceanagold.co.nz

Orica New Zealand www.orica.com

Pan NZ Resources 

RedBull Powder Mining Services www.redbullpowder.co.nz

RSC Mining and Mineral Exploration www.rscmme.com

SGS NZ www.nz.sgs.com

Simpson Grierson www.simpsongrierson.com

Stevenson Mining www.stevenson.co.nz

Tailored Energy Solutions Ltd www.tailoredenergysolutions.co.nz

Todd Corporation www.toddcorporation.com

TransDiesel Ltd www.transdiesel.com

Verum Group www.verumgroup.co.nz/