Straterra is the collective voice for the NZ minerals and mining sector, from small firms to large enterprises.

An important part of what we do is to transmit the views of our industry to public officials, that often means re-framing ideas into the language of government policy.

Our goal, as a sector, is increased investment and growth in minerals exploration and mining in New Zealand. Properly encouraged and managed, we believe the NZ minerals sector could treble in output and on-the-ground investment over coming years.

This goal is based on the observation that mining today is a hi-tech industry employing skilled people and producing essential materials, safely and responsibly.

We believe that to achieve our goal the public, media and political understanding of resource sector activity must improve. To allow this, the regulations that govern our activities, including the implementation of those regulations, must be transparent, industry logical, and effective. We achieve our goal by participating in public policy processes; engaging with officials, politicians, stakeholders, industry, and the public; and advocating for the sector, at events and forums, and via the media.

Equally important is our encouragement of high standards across the industry in health & safety, and in environmental management.

These standards are set out in our Charter.  Straterra places importance on a collaborative, reasonable, informed and responsible approach to engagement with government and the public on resource sector issues.

Many outcomes or decisions we seek are ones with benefit to New Zealand society as a whole. Straterra does not presume to capture or usurp that process. We do wish to ensure that all relevant information is considered, so that good decisions are made. Straterra has a key role in making that information available.

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Updated April 2019