Straterra's Charter

Straterra was formed in 2008 as an incorporated society to provide a collective voice for the New Zealand natural resource sector. 

In joining Straterra, members agree to uphold the principles from our charter which promotes high standards across the industry in the areas of health & safety, environmental management and social responsibility.

Our Purpose

Enable socially & environmentally responsible mining, providing minerals for a sustainable and resilient future and enduring value for all New Zealanders.

Our Scope

We represent the mining, industrial minerals and aggregate sectors of New Zealand.

We engage, inform, and communicate our purpose to the public to increase understanding and acceptance of the social value our members add to the country.

We provide analysis, industry knowledge, and insight for the government’s development of policy and decision making, so that socially and environmentally responsible mining is enabled.


Health and Safety: 

Our members will adopt best-practice health & safety practices as we seek a sector free of fatalities & injuries.

Inclusion & Diversity:

Straterra members value a skilled, productive, and flexible workforce, and seek an inclusive workplace culture which develops our peoples’ unique backgrounds, qualities, and contributions.

Our Relationships:

Straterra members look for genuine engagement with Iwi and the communities in which we operate to promote mutual understanding of our effects and the opportunities that arise for creating shared and enduring value.

Integrity & Conduct:

Straterra members commit to undertaking their business with integrity, engaging in public processes in a respectful, constructive, and transparent way. Our communication with stakeholders will be based on defendable narrative, aimed at the majority who seek to be informed to reach a decision on any activity or proposal.

Sustainable Development:

Straterra support the principles of sustainable development, with minerals being essential to achieving this. We advocate using New Zealand’s natural resources to provide such minerals, underpinned by our high environmental standards and regulatory frameworks.

The Energy Transition:

Straterra support the global transition to low emissions energy. Socially and environmentally responsible mining practices apply to non-renewable energy sources until such time that New Zealand and the global economy are no longer critically dependent on them.


Straterra members aim for a net positive impact on the environment. We recognise that our activities make a mark on the land, so we look for methods and management approaches to realise a net environmental benefit.