Straterra's Charter

Straterra was formed in 2008. Read our Charter here.


Straterra was formed in 2008 as an incorporated society to provide a collective voice for the New Zealand resource sector.  Straterra achieves this objective by engaging with officials, politicians, industry and other interests; participating in policy and legislative processes; and via advocacy and communications.

Straterra also works with its membership, and industry more generally, to prepare policy analysis, and advocacy of an optimal standard. Straterra is seeking changes to policy, regulation and legislation; improvements to the labour market; and a better understanding of prospecting, exploration and mining in New Zealand; to improve New Zealand’s attractiveness for investment in the resource sector, and to benefit “New Zealand Inc” – the economy, society, environment and conservation, and the resource sector.

We believe the minerals sector makes a significant contribution to New Zealand, and, properly managed and encouraged, that there is good potential for an increase in this contribution. We believe that exploration and mining can and should be done meeting high standards of environmental and social responsibility, and of health & safety, and risk management. We believe the minerals sector makes a positive and essential contribution towards Green Growth.

Straterra operates in a principled and ethical way, in the conviction that our effectiveness depends on being seen to be a valued and trusted stakeholder in New Zealand’s future. This is in the interests of the resource sector, and, ultimately, of all New Zealanders.



This Charter encompasses the minerals sector’s collective responsibility and action in pursuit of national-level objectives. Within that, individual firms may reasonably exercise freedom of action as part of operating their businesses.



Straterra members agree to uphold the following principles:

Economic development – members will earn revenue in ways that balance or provide for other considerations, as follows;

Health & safety – members will provide for high-quality and best-practice H & S in the workplace;

Environmental management – members will aim to achieve a net positive impact on the environment as a consequence of their activities;

Reputation – members will engage in public processes, and with others, in a responsible, constructive, reasonable and transparent way.


See here for a full copy of our charter