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The Coal Association of New Zealand represents the interests  of New Zealand's coal producers and industry users. 

The Association liaises with the Government and the community, and promotes government and industry research investment to strengthen the industry's competitiveness and environmental acceptability. Our main research provider is CRL Energy Ltd.

New Zealand has reserves of coal that can provide affordable, environmentally sustainable and secure energy for hundreds of years. Energy is important to the New Zealand economy and a key policy objective must be to deliver the lowest cost energy possible. The need to maintain competitiveness and developing technologies demand that these coal reserves be part of New Zealand's future energy portfolio.

The Coal Association works actively to ensure coal continues to contribute to New Zealand's prosperity. Our vision is based on the development and deployment of new technologies. New technologies offer a number of pathways to a zero emission future - one of these pathways is to a hydrogen energy economy. The Coal Association is an active supporter of a Foundation for Research, Science and Technology research programme "Hydrogen Energy for the Future of New Zealand" as a first step in New Zealand's transition towards a hydrogen energy economy.

The Association has invested in related areas of advanced technological and environmental issues, including the development of a Hydrogen Roadmap for the coal industry and technologies and options for sequestration of the CO2 by-product of hydrogen production from coal.

Clean coal technologies provide another pathway to addressing environmental issues from coal utilisation and the Association is investing in research relevant to their application to New Zealand coals. Membership of key R&D organisations allows the Association to be involved in international projects and informed on advances in coal-based energy production around the world.

World Coal Institute

Membership of these organisations allows us access to the latest energy-related research and assists with our ongoing representation of the industry at national level to better inform policy making in the energy sector in New Zealand.The Coal Association is also a member of the new industry group, Straterra, representing the New Zealand resource sector and New Zealand mining.

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