Clean Coal Technology

Actively exploring the long-term role of coal

The Coal Association has been actively exploring the long-term role of coal to provide a component of energy security as well as coming to grips with greenhouse gas issues and their potential effect on coal production and utilisation.

To this end we are actively involved in the demonstration, commercialisation and early uptake of clean coal technologies identified for New Zealand. Clean Coal Technologies are those which use coal in an environmentally satisfactory and economically viable way. They must meet various regulations covering emissions, effluents, and residues.

The Association has contributed to recent research programmes in the areas of Clean Coal Technologies, carbon capture and storage technologies, assessment and demonstration of ash disposal options, assessment of advanced coal technologies, PM10 emission levels for stoker systems, and NOx emissions from New Zealand plant.

New Zealand is not alone in seeking clean coal utilisation. Many other nations have or are developing energy policies, which are highly influenced by the same considerations. As a result there are common interests in a range of studies and research activities, which are carried out by relevant International Energy Agency Implementing Agreements.

The centre is also involved in more detailed technical reports on abatement technologies for SOx, NOx and particulates and indeed has a direct influence on derivation of standards and test procedures.


For further information about the IEA Clean Coal Centre or the IEA Greenhouse Gases Research and Development Programme please contact:

Dr Trevor Matheson 
CRL Energy Limited
Phone: +64 4 570 3700

Or visit their website IEA Clean Coal Centre