Climate Change

195 nations signed the Paris Agreement in 2015 to commit to working together to stabilise global climate by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Doing the emissions reductions is proving a much tougher nut to crack, as the international data show. New Zealand’s carbon price is 59 times the global average, which reveals great disparity between countries about what they are prepared to do about climate change.     

Paris Agreement

The Paris Agreement – a global call to action on climate change

After the 21st annual Conference of the Parties (COP21) came to the end of its two-week diplomatic marathon in December 2015, 189 nations committed to the Paris Agreement, representing 96 percent of global emissions.

The agreement entered into force on...

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NZ Govt policy

Straterra’s position on climate change and coal

The burning of fossil fuels is driving human-caused climate change. All of us – collectively, globally, including the coal industry – face the challenge of reducing CO2 emissions to stabilise average surface temperatures, as agreed by 195 countries (including New Zealand) in Paris in...

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Greenhouse gases

Greenhouse gases and the greenhouse effect

Greenhouses gases and the 'greenhouse effect' are an essential part of the balance which creates the Earth's unique atmosphere within our solar system.

While other planets such as Venus have scorching temperatures, or freeze - like Neptune - Earth's temperatures are largely temperate. This is due...

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