Coal Globally

The mineral that powered the industrial revolution with heat and the making of steel is still heavily used around the world today as a source of concentrated, low-cost energy and mineral carbon. To transition away from coal requires an understanding of why it is used so much around the world.

Coal globally


The world's insatiable need for energy ... and why coal remains the preferred option in developing countries

Global demand for energy continues to grow. Going back five years, the International Energy Agency (IEA), World Energy Outlook 2016, forecast global energy use grow by 30.5% by 2040, driven primarily by Asia,...

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What is coal?

Coal is compressed and altered plant material that forms layers in rocks, a process taking many millions of years.

Dense forests at periods in the Earth's geological history became flooded, and the organic material of which plants are made were buried under layers of sediment. Over time the pressure of...

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