Careers in mining

There are great opportunities in the mining industry for young people who want to take advantage of the high salaries and hi-tech nature of the sector to develop skills that can take them around the world to work in interesting and diverse communities. 

Work in our industry is done in-house, or contracted from consultancy firms, dedicated service providers, or sole traders.  

Many mining companies provide on the job training for staff as well as apprenticeships and further tertiary study for those who have started to do a relevant professional qualification.

See our list of members for the range of companies operating in the mining sector.

Visit Careers NZ training to check what type of training is appropriate to enter the mining industry.

Ask MITO for more on training in the extractive industries.


Careers in mining relating to science include roles in geology, metallurgy and chemistry, as well as scientific research.

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Health and safety, Environmental management, Business administration, Accounting and finance, Law, Stakeholder engagement and communications, Human resources management.

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