The world needs minerals and that means the world needs mining.

Is mining important?  Without a doubt.  Absolutely everything we depend on is either made from Minerals or relies on Minerals for its production and distribution. Watch Dr Kenneth J Reid, Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota explain why.

Almost every aspect of our modern lives relies on minerals or mineral products, such as base metals, precious metals, coking coal, iron sands, aggregates, limestone and industrial minerals. These are all vital elements used for building and construction, vehicle manufacture and fuel, computers and other electronics, communications, healthcare and dentistry, food production, and energy production and transmission.

As well as supplying the world with the minerals modern society needs, mining creates jobs and is a direct contributor to our economic prosperity.

Nationally, mining generates around $1.0 billion export earnings a year.  A 2017 study for OceanaGold found that 84 percent of its expenditure on gold mining activities stayed in New Zealand as salaries, taxes, rates, royalties, and payments to local suppliers and contractors as well as community investment activities.  A 2017 Infometrics report showed productivity (the average economic value created by each worker) in the mining sector is $568,700 per FTE worker compared with $108,200 across the economy.

Some Facts about Mining - October 2020 

Read our recent informative flier - Facts about Mining 2020 

facts about mining 2020

Everyone uses minerals

Minerals are vital to the way we live – in homes, food production, transport and infrastructure, at work and play. The minerals we use in New Zealand must be either mined or recycled, in New Zealand or abroad.

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