Health and Safety

MinEx - Health & Safety in New Zealand extractives

Its main purpose is to assist the minerals industry to improve its health and safety performance, and provide centralised industry representation in matters relating to health and safety.                                                

'Extractives Industry' or the 'Industry' means all companies involved in exploration for, and production of, any mineral including aggregate, rock, sand, gravel, metallic minerals, industrial minerals, non-metallic minerals and coal, as well as quarrying. 

Other services provided by the Council include:

  • Collation and analysis of industry incident and accident statistics

  • Formation of an industry employer database

  • Setting standards for industry approval, including Codes of Practice and Guidelines.


Vision: A New Zealand extractives industry free of fatalities, injuries and diseases.

Mission: To be an effective voice for the New Zealand extractives sector on health and safety issues, and to drive improvements in industry H & S performance.


  • All fatalities, injuries and diseases are preventable

  • Constant improvement principles must be applied - Health and safety performance can always be improved. No task is so important that it cannot be done safely

  • All hazards can be identified and their risks managed

  • Everyone has a personal responsibility for the H & S of themselves and others


Wayne Scott is the CEO of MinEx.  He can be contacted via email at or on 021 944 336. 

Straterra runs the secretariat for MinEx, for any questions please get in touch with our team or view the MinEx website.