Why Mine in NZ?

Mining is vital to the way we live. Much of what we do every day depends on the extraction of minerals. 

Either New Zealand must import those minerals, directly or embedded in goods and services, or we must produce them ourselves.

Local production is usually necessary for making steel and cement, providing process heat to industry, and in roading and construction.

Hundreds of minerals are necessary to build a home, including wiring and plumbing, construction materials, furnishings, appliances and electronics.

Modes of transport, not only cars, trucks and the fuels that keep them going, but also public transport such as buses, trains and even bicycles.

Coal is a major source of heat for the majority of our food-producing industries, such as greenhouses, the dairy, meat and beverage industries.

Heating for our homes, schools and hospitals.

Our energy production – especially sustainable forms of energy such as hydro power, solar power, wind turbines and geo-thermal production - all depend heavily on the extraction of minerals.

Mining is the invisible force behind the way we live.   Learn more about how mining contributes to our lives here.

Everyone Uses Minerals

Minerals are vital to the way we live – in the home, food production, transport and infrastructure, at work and in our leisure. The minerals we use in New Zealand must be either mined or recycled, in New Zealand or abroad.

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Public support for mining

New Zealand is a mining-friendly nation, generally speaking. Most people are aware that mining is vital to the way we live – that everything we do in our daily lives depends on mineral or mineral products.

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