Public support for mining

New Zealand is a mining-friendly nation, generally speaking. Most people are aware that mining is vital to the way we live – that everything we do in our daily lives depends on mineral or mineral products.

These conclusions are supported by opinion polls commissioned by Solid Energy NZ in 2012 and Trans-Tasman Resources in 2013, carried out by Pauline Colmar, formerly of Colmar Brunton, a prestigious opinion research provider in New Zealand.

National opinion poll results

Of 1000 interviews conducted with New Zealanders around the country in March 2012, 81% supported minerals exploration and mining, provided: the economy benefits, most of the revenue form mining stays in New Zealand, locals are employed, and the environment is managed. Straterra says all of that is the case. View Pauline Colmar’s presentation here.

The 2013 survey was carried out in Taranaki only. The results followed a similar pattern to the national results, except that the levels of support were consistently higher. That is not surprising when it is considered that Taranaki is likely to be more familiar with resource-based industries (oil and gas in particular) than New Zealand generally. Both sets of results highlight an overwhelming level of public support for mining in New Zealand.

Learn more about the NZ minerals sector, and the role of mining and minerals, on Mining4NZ.


Opposition to mining in NZ

A significant minority of New Zealanders are opposed to, or are concerned about some or all types of mining. Climate change, endangered native species and habitats, the environment generally, and special places (e.g., national parks, marine reserves), are the main drivers for this concern.

In a second tier, people are concerned about perceived lack of economic benefits from mining.

Straterra believes that all of these concerns are manageable in principle – that would depend mainly on an airing of the facts and the evidence. Learn more from the Minerals Briefing Paper 2014.

New Zealand’s democracy also provides for public input into the various regulatory processes for which approvals must be sought by project applicants. Learn more in New Zealand is a great place for mining.


Straterra’s role

As an industry representative body, Straterra has a role to provide information on minerals exploration and mining, as these activities are carried out today. The Mining4NZ web pages answer to that purpose.

For information to be of any use, it must be credible. Straterra has gone to great lengths to build our credibility. We are a not-for-profit, incorporated society. We advocate at a national level, and with an eye to the wider benefits from exploration and mining for New Zealand, and regions. Learn more from Straterra’s web pages on policy.

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