Businesses must be responsible in relation to health and safety, managing risks, environment and heritage, and in how we engage with others.

The Government’s health and safety reforms are delivering new legislation, new Regulations, as well as codes of practice and guidance covering mining and various aspects of mining. Through MinEx, the industry’s health and safety council, we have been engaging with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment throughout the process, and latterly with WorkSafe. The outcome is looking to be a fit-for-purpose, industry-logical regime. In addition, the mines rescue services was refreshed, and new health and safety qualifications and training courses are in development. On a sombre note, it must be recalled that the Pike River Coal tragedy of November 2010 occasioned the present reforms. Industry is committed to ensuring that a tragedy like this does not happen again.

Environmental management is today core business for minerals exploration and mining companies. This needs to be demonstrated, as part of industry’s social licence to operate at a national level. Straterra supports the Environmental Reporting Act 2015.  Refer also to our sustainability pages.

Straterra was set up to provide credible and constructive advocacy on policy and other issues to government, and other stakeholders, including the media. Learn more about Straterra here.


 Last updated Feb 2018