Coal and petroleum key part of NZ's energy future

Coal and petroleum key part of NZ's energy future

Posted on 30 August 2011

The Government's energy strategy charts the right path for New Zealand, Straterra says.

Straterra CEO Chris Baker was commenting today on the announcement today by Acting-Minister of Energy and Resources Hon Hekia Parata of the New Zealand Energy Strategy.

Mr Baker said the pursuit of renewable energy is important, and it is equally important to recognize the ongoing role of oil and gas and coal in the economy and for investment in ongoing growth of the economy.

"New Zealand needs investment in the resource and other sectors and this strategy provides the right framework and sends the right signals to attract that investment."

"The only sensible energy path for us is to view coal, oil and gas for what they are which is that they are essential to New Zealand, now and for time to come. That being the case, we need to find the best way of using these energy sources in a responsible way."

"To that end, carbon capture and storage technologies will be essential for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels. Their research and development will be crucial to the implementation of the energy strategy," Mr Baker said.