New Zealanders support mining

New Zealanders support mining

Posted on 7 June 2013

Straterra has welcomed the results of a new opinion poll on extracting minerals in the Taranaki as a triumph for common sense Kiwis who understand the benefits that the minerals industry offers communities, regions and national New Zealand.

Trans-Tasman Resources Ltd (TTR) commissioned the survey to ascertain the interest in and support for its plans to harvest iron ore from the seabed off the South Taranaki coast inshore from the Kupe gas field production platform that lies about 30km off Manaia.

“Despite  anti-mining rhetoric, most Kiwis agree that New Zealand can and should use its natural resources to improve our economic prosperity and standard of living,” Straterra Chief Executive Officer, Chris Baker says.

“While 69% agreed with the need to develop our natural resources, 87% of people polled said - as long as the environment is protected and local people are employed – they supported the development of all New Zealand’s natural resources (iron ore, gold and coal),” he said.

Mr Baker said he was not surprised at the survey outcome because it was consistent with earlier findings in the 2012 opinion poll delivered by the same provider, Pauline Colmar [1] and covered in Straterra’s press release of 11 October 2012. The TTR survey was smaller [2]– focussing on Taranaki – but it included some questions asked in the earlier 2012 survey for comparisons.

“The facts are that environmental effects of exploration and mining are already being managed, New Zealanders are being employed, the economy grows and most money stays in New Zealand through salaries, taxes, royalties, rates, fees, community contributions, and payments to suppliers.

“As is the case with the New Zealand wine industry, and many other industries, there is a high level of foreign investment in the minerals sector because risk capital has to come from somewhere. Most New Zealanders want to see New Zealand’s standard of living improved, and the minerals sector can play a valuable role in achieving this goal,” Mr Baker says.

[1] Formerly of Colmar Brunton

[2] A nationwide survey of 1000 New Zealanders conducted by Pauline Colmar[1] in February and March 2012 was released at a meeting of the Board of Straterra, New Zealand’s representative body for the minerals industry, on 11 October 2012. Of this nationally-representative group, 77 percent were very concerned or quite concerned about New Zealand’s standard of living, and 81 percent believed it is very important or quite important to develop New Zealand’s natural resources for prosperity.