Productivity Commission Report Well Balanced And Thoughtful Media Release

Productivity Commission Report Well Balanced And Thoughtful

Posted on 11 May 2018

Media Release - Straterra, the industry association representing the New Zealand minerals sector, has welcomed the Productivity Commissions’ draft report on transitioning to a low emissions economy.


“We will carefully scrutinize the document and make a submission as part of the consultation process but our immediate reaction is this is a well-balanced and thoughtful report,” Straterra Chief Executive Chris Baker said today.


“Developing mineral resources is an essential part of a low carbon economy, providing minerals needed for infrastructure, green technology, for example, wind turbines, battery technologies, electric vehicles and computer technology.


“The report recognizes the importance of coal as a cost competitive source of energy and an important input for much of our primary sector export industries. The report also recognises the challenges of transitioning away from coal in the South Island and it acknowledges that opportunities to directly reduce emissions from iron and steel production are limited.


‘These observations are important because coking coal is an essential input in the manufacture of steel and our coking coal mines on the West Coast provide much needed jobs, and export revenue. Coal also underpins the vital rail link to Lyttleton.


“The path we follow to reduce emissions is important and our focus, along with many in the business community, is to ensure we maintain a balance between our environmental and economic objectives.


“New Zealand must support options where we have an advantage such as electric vehicles, and be cautious where options will simply encourage investment and jobs to go overseas. That would be a loss for New Zealand, and no benefit for global emissions,” Mr Baker concluded.


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