Report gives green light to fracking

Report gives green light to fracking

Posted on 24 November 2011

Taranaki Regional Council’s report on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) provides a sensible approach to regulating this technology for increasing gas production, Straterra says.

Straterra CEO Chris Baker was commenting today on “Hydrogeologic Risk Assessment of Hydraulic Fracturing for Gas Recovery in the Taranaki Region (2011)”, a report released today by Taranaki Regional Council.

The report was peer-reviewed by the Crown research institute, GNS Science.

“The TRC report puts to rest the debate on fracking, Mr Baker said. “It concludes fracking can be done with little risk using good well design and proper disposal of used water, in the right geological conditions.”

“Unlike the naysayers on fracking, TRC did their homework, and got their report independently peer reviewed by a reputable scientific research institution. We are gratified that the report finds - as we have said all along - that properly regulated and monitored, and using the proper technology and methods, fracking poses little risk to the environment,” Mr Baker said.

The report found that 43 fracking operations between 2000 and mid-2011 in Taranaki led to no adverse environmental effects, that fracking poses little risk to the environment if properly done, and that resource consenting for fracking under the Resource Management Act 1991 is the appropriate level of regulation.