Straterra strengthens board to position mining sector for green growth

Straterra strengthens board to position mining sector for green growth

Posted on 25 July 2011

Resource sector representative body Straterra has added two new members to its board of directors, Cam Wylie and Simon Henderson.

The appointments were confirmed today, after Straterra’s board meeting on 22 July at its offices in Wellington. Straterra chair Mark Cadzow said today:

“We worked hard in the last year to build the organisation to be an effective contributor for the sector, and we are now ready to move to the next stage.”

“Straterra’s membership now stands at 27 firms, representing 84 percent of the value of New Zealand’s minerals production, and also including exploration, services, technical and research companies.”

“We have set up two additional sector groups – ‘Technical, Services and Research’, and ‘Exploration and Minerals’. Cam and Simon will be representing those groups on the board, to strengthen the Board and to better reflect our growing membership,” Mr Cadzow said.

Straterra’s board is: Mark Cadzow (Chief Operating Officer, OceanaGold Ltd); Glen Grindlay (General Manager, Newmont Waihi Gold); Don Elder (CEO, Solid Energy NZ); Brent Francis (Managing Director, Francis Mining, and the Coal Association); Mike Lord (Divisional Sales &Technical Manager, Perry Resources, and AQA);  Cam Wylie (Principal, RDCL), and Simon Henderson (President & CEO, Glass Earth Gold Ltd).

Mr Cadzow said in the last year Straterra added two staff to the chief executive position, created a resource hub with sub-tenancies to seven resource sector-oriented firms and entities in Straterra’s premises on The Terrace in Wellington’s CBD; participated in many public policy and legislative processes; and carried out extensive advocacy, communications, and government and industry relations activities.

“The challenge now is for exploration and mining to be seen as part of the Government’s agenda for green growth,” Mr Cadzow said. “New Zealand needs jobs, and our sector could triple or quadruple its contribution to New Zealand if properly managed and encouraged. We know our sector produces essential inputs for all economic activity, and makes a positive contribution across economic, social and environmental fronts, but this must be seen and understood by New Zealanders.”

“To date we have made excellent progress, and our strengthened board will ensure we continue that progress.”